電影Hit and Run
電影Hit and Run
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Hit and Run (2009)

Hit and Run

For student Mary Murdock (Laura Breckenridge), a carefree night of Spring Break partying is about to turn into a nightmare. While driving home drunk, Mary feels a bump and assumes that the worst it could be is that she hit a cat. When she gets home, she is horrified to discover that the a man is clinging to her bumper. Mary panics and brutally beats the man until he is unconscious. She drives out to the woods, buries the body, and returns home to hide the evidence. However, she soon discovers that he survived the bludgeoning and is now looking to settle the score. Soon Mary stops worrying about getting in trouble and becomes more concerned with making it through the night.

Hit and Run電影級數 84分鐘 2009年1月13日 上映

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4.3 /10 3,967 votes
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