電影Evel Knievel
電影Evel Knievel
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Evel Knievel (2004)

Evel Knievel

Legendary daredevil Robbie "Evel" Knievel (George Eads) is profiled in this action-packed biopic helmed by John Badham. Long before extreme sports became ubiquitous, the hard-living exhibitionist vaulted his motorcycle over steep canyons, crates of venomous snakes and snarling cougars. But as Knievel amassed wealth and world records (along with 35 broken bones), his taste for liquor and ladies equaled his appetite for adventure.

Evel Knievel電影級數 91分鐘 2004年7月30日 上映

Evel Knievel的評分

5.2 /10 425 votes
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