電影Tum Mere Ho
電影Tum Mere Ho
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Tum Mere Ho (1990)

Tum Mere Ho

Shiva is blessed with magical powers of charming snakes. When he meets Paro from a nearby village, he falls head-over-heels in love with her. She is also attracted to him. But Paro's dad, Choudhry Charanjit Singh is not pleased with this match, and he hires men to subdue and kill Shiva, all in vain. Then Shiva attempts to rescue Paro from a shape-changing snake, and this earns him the wrath of his mate - another shape-changing snake, who will not rest until Shiva is dead. {this is not the actual story of the film}

Tum Mere Ho電影級數 129分鐘 1990年5月25日 上映

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4.8 /10 849 votes

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