電影West 10 LDN
電影West 10 LDN
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West 10 LDN (2008)

West 10 LDN

A collection of tower blocks and concrete expanse, it has its own rules and codes, its own distinctive languages and culture, both old and new. It is a tightly knit community that is on call to protect those within its boundaries. It is an intense, turbulent, passionate world, rarely depicted other than when the antagonisms and struggles of its young lives spill out onto the surrounding streets and into the news. West 10 LDN invites us into this territory, and delves into the big stories of the lives of the young, multi ethnic generation who live there - with a blast of energy and power, with dynamism, wit and blistering vibrancy.

West 10 LDN電影級數 60分鐘 2008年3月10日 上映

West 10 LDN的評分

6.3 /10 147 votes

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