電影Boys Life 2
電影Boys Life 2
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Boys Life 2 (1997)

Boys Life 2

Compilation of four short films about homoerotic situations involving young men. In "Trevor", by Peggy Rajski, a teenager faces homophobia and falls in love for the first time. Tom DeCerchio directed "Nunzio's Second Cousin", telling the story of a gay cop who forces a gay-basher to come to his house and have dinner with his family. In "Alkali, Iowa", by Mark Christopher, a young gay man finds out some of his father's past secrets. And "Must Be the Music", by Nickolas Perry, follows four teenagers looking for love in nightclubs.

Boys Life 2電影級數 74分鐘 1997年3月7日 上映

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6.6 /10 434 votes
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