電影Saajan Ka Ghar
電影Saajan Ka Ghar
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Saajan Ka Ghar (1994)

Saajan Ka Ghar

The Dhanrajs are blessed with a daughter. However, during childbirth, Dhanraj's wife dies and he blames his daughter for his wife's fate. He refuses to see her face and remarries. His daughter, Laxmi, grows up to be a beautiful woman who's ignored by her father and abused by her stepmother. The only person who stands by her is her half-brother. Laxmi soon gets married but fate seems to hold nothing new for her. She has a loving relationship with her husband, but her mother-in-law couldn't stand her and she too physically abuses her.

Saajan Ka Ghar電影級數 153分鐘 1994年4月29日 上映

Saajan Ka Ghar的評分

4.7 /10 117 votes

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